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A 360-Degree Approach to Building Brand Equity!

With the advent of the digital age, the field of brand management has seen a huge shift. There are so many ways to digitally reach your customer these days-social media, email, Google ads, SEO-the list is endless.

Digital marketing has largely become popular due to its nature of delivering reasonable return on investment (RoI) through highly targeted and measurable media. While these social media platforms are being increasingly used to ‘push’ products to a specific audience, it is important for your company to also build and perfect a marketable brand to new and existing customers.

Let’s not forget that successful businesses are created only when they get repeat users/customers, a loyal customer base which grows organically over the long term because they receive value. This brand affinity and user preference is built through intelligent brand building activities and strategy.

Simply put, if a prospective customer doesn’t know your company, your sales rep will have to spend the first few precious minutes explaining who you are and try and gain their trust. Wouldn’t it be better and more effective if your prospect had already heard of you? That way, instead of describing your company, you could spend time describing your various offerings. This is where branding comes in.

Why Should you Invest in Branding?

Whether your organization sells smartphones, luxury vehicles, IT solutions, or professional services– anything really – the principles of value creation remain the same. Buyers pay you money, in exchange for the future benefits, they expect to receive by using the products and services you are selling.

To build a successful business in the long run, stakeholders and owners need to think not just about return on investments (short term), but in terms of economic value (long term). After all, you want buyers to buy from you (and not competitors) repeatedly, while you make a comfortable profit margin.

For this to happen, customers need to recognize you, trust you and like you. This is what branding helps you achieve. It is one of the most effective tools for sellers to influence buyer recognition, trust and affinity – and thereby generate economic value. Branding is everything you do with the intention of being recognized.

Just think about all the advertisements you’ve seen or heard in the last week. How many can you remember at this point, and what companies were they? The more visible you are to your customers, the more chances you have to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Is it your branding on the billboard for your targeted customer to see on their drive to work every day, is it your new product’s jingle on the radio? As a seller, you want to be recognized at every touch point. But, that is easier said than done.

The stakes are high, with buyers building an image and a narrative about you in their minds, based on each interaction they have with you. This in turn will influence their desire to buy or not buy from you. If they recognize, trust and like you, if they believe what you believe, if your offer helps them, they will buy more.

Why an Integrated Branding Strategy?

An integrated 360-degree brand marketing campaign is what makes a company stand out and be successful in today’s world. The goal of an effective 360-degree marketing campaign is to cohesively deliver the right branding across all touch-points, platforms, and devices at the right time.

The 360 degree marketing mantra is to pursue and reach consumers wherever they are, however they are and no matter what they are doing. Thus, a 360-degree marketing plan or a campaign uses all mediums or channels of marketing right from in-store to print media, digital and social, covering television, radio, online marketing and mobile marketing.

This holistic approach ensures that every possible interaction with a prospect or customer is meaningful. It’s a user-centric concept that provides a complete view of the customer journey from beginning to purchase and beyond, helping to move customers through this process smoothly. The mark of a truly successful 360-degree marketing strategy is when there are no gaps for customers to fall through.

This means that when your target market sees a tagline to a campaign on social media, they will also see it when they visit your website or when they receive an email from you, thereby, consistently delivering your brand message and products.

By creating a cohesive and solid customer experience, the consistency of your company’s 360-degree marketing campaign will set you apart. It will also improve return on investment because companies can stop wasting time on the wrong leads, while they nurture targeted customers in a way that creates life-long fans.

With a cohesive approach like this, your next marketing plan is sure to leave your competitors behind.

We understand that developing a marketing plan of this nature isn’t always feasible for a company on its own. Reach out to us to know more about CosMark Media’s brand marketing offerings.

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