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It's human tendency to never be satisfied with what we have in our present time. We always aim for more, strive for more and keep moving ahead.

The same can be said about technology. Technology is always evolving and changing

around us. The Internet first started as a way for researchers to share information and now, in this day and age, it has transformed into becoming a necessity.

But what's next?

What can be bigger than the internet or beyond it?

One of the things the last couple of years have taught us is that the digital platform came in handy when every other way of communication failed. It is what connected us to our loved ones and also fulfilled the demands at the professional front.

It replaced the physical presence and unlocked doors of various possibilities around the mundane routine of life which we had all gotten so used to. ZOOM became everybody's go to application for personal as well as professional discussions when being physically present was not an option.

But the next big thing in the digital world is here and it's arriving fast.

METAVERSE is what everyone is interested in and wants to know about. So what exactly is metaverse?

Imagine that you are in your study room and want to have a conversation with your friends but not just over the phone . You want to meet and have a more personal experience. But what if meeting them physically could not be possible at that time.

Well, with the metaverse, you can.

You will be able to integrate your real life with virtual reality. You will be able to fit pieces from your real world into the virtual world and experience everything that you otherwise wouldn't be able to, without being physically present there. It's not enough to experience things on the digital platform in a 2 dimensional way when you can have the whole 3 dimensional experience. Earlier, you were able to use only 2 senses when you used the digital platform but now you will be able to do a lot more than just see or hear. You will be able to feel, touch and connect through the avatars created specifically for your use. As Cathy Hackl says, " Avatars are emotional surrogates of ourselves ". In the metaverse, avatars are the representation of people. You may think of it as your digital twin. These digital twins will not just help you connect socially but also prove to be game

changers professionally.

With the advancement that technology has provided us, more and more industries are now heading towards the metaverse and are trying to find ways to incorporate it in their businesses.

Be it luxury brands, cosmetic products or gaming industry, everybody can guess the way the wind is blowing and it's towards the metaverse. In the coming future, every business will need this technology to grow and evolve.

However, some of them are already ahead of the others. For instance, Business Travelers are already using the metaverse technology through the "try before you buy" feature for destinations but just imagine if you could get a virtual experience of the aeroplanes that you intend to get on. This is what the aviation companies are striving towards. They will be giving you an overall experience with the replicas of the aeroplanes that you would travel in. This way, you would know what your journey will be like before reaching your destination.

Beauty industry is also not shying away from the allure of the metaverse. Last couple of years, people's go to makeup routine has seen a shift to the more natural side and with the latest technology, our digital twins or avatars, in the virtual world will be able to try on more innovative looks in their makeup routines.

When the pandemic struck people couldn't step out of their houses and the retail stores of every business suffered because of that. So the cosmetic brands had to up their game and provide something to the consumers to convince them not to let go of their makeup routine. This is where trying on cosmetic products in the virtual world comes in.

People could download apps where they could experiment with new cosmetic products and see what those products would look like on their face, on their skin tone without ever having to step out of their houses. This is how the brands kept the consumers connected to the possibilities of beauty products in the virtual world.

You may know about the avatars representing people in the gaming industry. Fortnite and Roblox are examples of it. But those avatars or your representation in the virtual world will also need to dress up. This is where the fashion industry comes into the metaverse.

The avatars need clothes for identification.

They are essentially our representation in the virtual world in different industries, be it the gaming industry, online departmental stores or any other platform where our digital twins come into play. The clothes that the avatars use for identification in the virtual world are as important as any other feature. However, in the metaverse, they will not be presented as an image trying on different clothes. You can think of them as your own virtual self, with your features and expressions, trying on different costumes in the 3 dimensional world of the digital space.

As Mark Zuckerberg explained in an announcement video of his plans," You are

going to have a wardrobe of virtual clothes for different occasions, designed by

different creators and from different apps and experiences ".

With such possibilities in the metaverse, brands have a chance to make use of the ever growing and evolving technology to grow their business and reach an even more diversified consumer base.

Brands like Givenchy and Gucci have already realized it's potential by partnering

with Nintendo's Animal Crossing and stepped into this virtual world.

This technology is fast coming and ever evolving one. This is the reason why every

industry wants to be a part of the metaverse, so that they are not left behind in

this changing world.

When the pandemic arrived, limitations were put on physical interactions.

However digital marketing and e-commerce flourished and it looks like it's going to

stay that way even with the situation getting better.

People have realized what the digital world has to offer and where it is headed.

Soon every aspect of our life will have metaverse in it one way or the other.

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