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Image by Adam Jang


Why is it important?

The popular saying goes, “charity begins at home”. The saying emphasizes the fact that as a society, we can only lead when our internal situation is emulable. Every business, government body, and corporate entity owes its respective community an investment towards its growth, development, and wellbeing. These investments ensure that core level community growth in areas such as literacy, welfare, infrastructure, and environmental conservation are at the forefront of the collective agenda.


How we carry out our social projects

With a thing as complex as corporate social responsibility, there are a multitude of avenues and channels through which businesses like us can focus on doing our part. We have, however, streamlined our contribution to include volunteering our vast array of services and wealth of industry knowledge to individuals, activist groups, non-government and non-profit organizations, charities, foundations, etc. We do this to help raise awareness towards causes that matter. 

We value the true essence of the bond of community and foster this bond through actively being part of and advocating for the socially conscious workplace.



How to take advantage?

We at Cosmark are always on the lookout for valuable causes that will benefit from our services. We understand that our internal capabilities can be of great help to charities/foundations and NGO’s looking to expand their reach in their respective communities – and we are here to help. If this is you, kindly reach out to us via email/Whatsapp, phone, or our webform. We take great care in carefully considering which cause to align with and devote our entire efforts towards our commitments.

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