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IMC(Integrated Marketing Communication) MANAGEMENT

Cohesive Messages From Your Brand Straight to Your Customers!


Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a cornerstone approach in the modern field of brand promotion. In its simplest form, it involves synchronising a brand’s message across all media and platforms so that the customers receive cohesive information. It allows all of a brand’s preferred media to complement each other, achieving a consolidated brand perception in the minds of its target market.

There Is No Such Thing as “General Audience”

The very idea is a myth. It is always advisable to communicate a brand’s message to a specific group in order for resources to be effectively utilized. We also incorporate practices such as segmentation of specific audience into groups (based on a common characteristic). This further helps create an idea of those most likely to buy/subscribe to your product/brand.

Adding a Touch of Class

Our approach to IMC management is a product of years of collective experience, aptitude, and dedication to the craft. We employ a multi-layer approach to handling every client’s project. With every project, we:


  • Carry out an intensive analysis: Generally, this first step helps us evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of a brand, as well as the various threats and external opportunities that can affect the brand.

  • Assessing budgets and general resources: Here we analyze, based on existing client budgets to figure out what tools and platforms are best for a project.

  • Determining objectives for marketing communication: As with most other endeavours, we define a set of goals to be accomplished at certain points during the duration of the project. We also measure the progress of each goal, fine-tuning every aspect that falls short of expectations.

  • Consolidating Strategies: This is the tricky part. Certain tactics that work for one brand may  not work for another. Based on the initial analysis, a strategy is devised for the brand, taking its unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses into account.


Leave The Technical Stuff To US!
We handle your IMC management so you don’t have to. Contact us today via our email/WhatsApp
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