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Sponsorships Make or Break Events

Those involved, especially in NGO/Non-profit and charitable organization event planning, know the hassle that comes with sourcing sponsorships for upcoming events. Because these organizations aren’t centered on profit-making, undertaking resource-intensive projects like these events rely heavily on outside sponsorships.

An inability to source the needed funds is detrimental to the success of the event. At CosMark Media, we understand how crucial sponsorships are to certain events and as part of our service, we help organizations source high-value sponsorships.


Multi-Source Efforts Boost Sponsorships

At Cosmark Media, we help our clients reach out, through the right channels, to multi-sector sponsors. This allows us to diversify the sources of funding and at the same time, create an added avenue to promote our client’s organization across different sections of society.

Potential sponsors only release funds to events from organizations whose work they believe in. We help sell your projects to sponsors in the best light. We help you win them over and in doing so, turn them into long term sponsors.

As an added benefit, brands can leverage these sponsorship contacts into fruitful future relationships, both as sponsors and otherwise.


Leveraging Digital Media For Optimum Reach

We live in the age of the internet and as such, maximizing the success of any sponsorship campaign is dependent on proper use of digital tools such as social media, search engine advertising, and email marketing. We leverage these media to gain maximum traction on your sponsorship campaigns, ensuring that you exceed your funding targets every time!




Looking For Sponsors For Your Next Event? Contact Us Today

We extend our event sponsorship services to brands across many sectors. If you’re finding it hard to source sponsorships, contact us on Email/WhatsApp or via our website today! Let us use our field expertise to get those sponsors ringing up your phones!

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