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Reach Your Customers One-On-One

Direct marketing is a field that at least in parts, is often overlooked by many brands and in-house marketers. It serves its unique purpose and when done purposefully, can supplement conventional digital marketing efforts splendidly.


It is a promotional method where information about a brand (ie new products/services, promotions, etc.) is transmitted and presented to a curated number of people – usually existing or potential customers only. Ever gotten an Email coupon from that spa you signed up with? That is direct marketing. Demographic elements such as age, location, gender, occupation, etc usually play a considerable role in crafting direct marketing campaigns.


Direct Marketing is By Nature, A Different Ballgame

Usually, most marketing techniques have the initial goal of creating awareness about a brand’s existence and value. Direct marketing, on the other hand, is aimed at convincing recipients to take action (by buying a product or subscribing to a service). Sometimes, however, instead of directly suggest a sale, the strategy may involve convincing recipients to:

  • Enter their email address

  • Call or visit a website

  • Return a postcard requesting a quote

In essence, direct marketing leans more towards the narrower end of the marketing funnel. It is more purpose-built and perhaps, that’s what makes it effective. At Cosmark, we develop direct marketing strategies that harness the inherent upsides whilst simultaneously overcoming the technique’s shortcomings.


How We Drive Maximum ROI Via Direct Marketing

Cosmark’s strategy on direct marketing involves sending out promotional content to individuals with a perceived interest in your brand, based on information previously collected about them. This makes it so that every campaign is lean, efficient, and cost-effective. To that end, we carry out campaigns in the form of:

  • Brochures

  • Catalogs

  • Fliers

  • Newsletters

  • Postcards

  • Coupons

  • Emails

And of course many more.



Contact Us!

We aren’t hard to find. You can reach us via Email/Whatsapp to find out more. Don’t hesitate, contact us today for your direct marketing needs!

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